Venice Louisiana Fishing

Venice Louisiana Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Here in Venice Louisiana, fishing season is a year around thing with world famous big game trolling and snapper fishing during the summer.   With some of the deepest bluest water in the world this is the place to fish.

After fishing at the lower point of the Mississippi River Delta you are likely to compare it to fishing in the Bahamas or Costa Rico. There is a reason Venice Louisiana has been called on of the most prolific fisheries in the world.

This is the perfect place for tuna fishing charters, dolphin fishing, wahoo fishing, kite fishing and best of all, the elusive Marlin.

If this is your first time going deep sea fishing you are in for a real treat!

Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing

this is super cool

Catching a 200 pound Yellow Fin Tuna has to be one of the best ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Not everyone has the chance to do such a thing but when the season is right we catch yellow fin tuna about every day! This is want makes Venice, LA fishing so great!  With the all of the Gulf of Mexico being at our hands and the Mississippi river keeping a fresh flow of water coming in we could not ask for a better place to fish.

Ask about catching any of the following fish.

Man fishing

Man fishing

  • Tuna
  • Wahoo
  • Dolphin
  • Marlin
  • Snapper
  • Grouper
  • Cobia
  • Amberjack
  • Marlin

We offer a very wide range of Louisiana Offshore  fishingWe try to keep a minimum of 12 hours and often book trips that last up to 24hours!

If you are looking for a charter that is up to the task of night trolling in the Gulf of Mexico we know all the right spots.


Call or e-mail us today to book your trip today!

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