Louisiana offshore fishing charters

Louisiana offshore fishing charters

Deep Sea Fishing

Book the next offshore fishing journey with Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing today. Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing may be the premier just offshore charter angling service from Venice, Louisiana while offering fishing charters for a multitude of species from various times from the year. Capt.  offers years associated with experience to find and catching probably the most sought following fish generally caught from the Louisiana coastline, and will require you correct where you have to be for each day of non-stop motion.

Although your own Louisiana offshore fishing charters might be focused on a single particluar varieties, chances are you will find many other forms of seafood, especially whenever you reach azure water. Quite often when on the marlin or even tuna charter you might encounter varieties like wahoo, dolphin & many more. This creates a good variety seafood caught in addition to fishing techniques.

If you are searching for a brand new & exciting type of fishing, you might want to consider the kite angling trip. Kite angling allows anglers to obtain their lure to places otherwise impossible to achieve, like shallower waters in which the boat can’t pass. Utilizing the kite in order to suspend your own bait just beneath the top of water draws in different dimensions and kinds of fish and can help to make your journey a unforgettable one.

Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing


  • Tuna Charters
  • Wahoo Charters
  • Marlin Charters
  • Dolphin Charters

Niche Offshore Outings

  • Lump Angling Charters
  • Kite Angling Charters
  • Rig Angling Charters

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